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git-cat-file.txt: Document --textconv

Signed-off-by: Michael J Gruber <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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-'git cat-file' (-t | -s | -e | -p | <type>) <object>
+'git cat-file' (-t | -s | -e | -p | <type> | --textconv ) <object>
 'git cat-file' (--batch | --batch-check) < <list-of-objects>
 In its first form, the command provides the content or the type of an object in
 the repository. The type is required unless '-t' or '-p' is used to find the
-object type, or '-s' is used to find the object size.
+object type, or '-s' is used to find the object size, or '--textconv' is used
+(which implies type "blob").
 In the second form, a list of objects (separated by linefeeds) is provided on
 stdin, and the SHA1, type, and size of each object is printed on stdout.
 	or to ask for a "blob" with <object> being a tag object that
 	points at it.
+	Show the content as transformed by a textconv filter. In this case,
+	<object> has be of the form <treeish>:<path>, or :<path> in order
+	to apply the filter to the content recorded in the index at <path>.
 	Print the SHA1, type, size, and contents of each object provided on
 	stdin. May not be combined with any other options or arguments.