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Documentation/urls: Remove spurious example markers

In urls.txt (which is included from git-{clone,fetch,push}.txt)
several item lists are surrounded by example block markers. This is
problematic for two reasons:

- None of these lists are example lists, so they should not be marked as
such semantically.
- The html output looks weird (bulleted list with left sidebar).

Therefore, remove the example block markers. Output by the man backend
is unaffected.

Signed-off-by: Michael J Gruber <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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File Documentation/urls.txt

 One of the following notations can be used
 to name the remote repository:
 - rsync://host.xz/path/to/repo.git/
 - http://host.xz{startsb}:port{endsb}/path/to/repo.git/
 - https://host.xz{startsb}:port{endsb}/path/to/repo.git/
 - ssh://{startsb}user@{endsb}host.xz/path/to/repo.git/
 - ssh://{startsb}user@{endsb}host.xz/~user/path/to/repo.git/
 - ssh://{startsb}user@{endsb}host.xz/~/path/to/repo.git
 SSH is the default transport protocol over the network.  You can
 optionally specify which user to log-in as, and an alternate,
 only the former supports port specification. The following
 three are identical to the last three above, respectively:
 - {startsb}user@{endsb}host.xz:/path/to/repo.git/
 - {startsb}user@{endsb}host.xz:~user/path/to/repo.git/
 - {startsb}user@{endsb}host.xz:path/to/repo.git
 To sync with a local directory, you can use:
 - /path/to/repo.git/
 - file:///path/to/repo.git/
 They are mostly equivalent, except when cloning.  See