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Documentation: topic branches

Recommend git over ssh direct to, instead of
going over rsync to public machines, since this is meant to be a
procedure for kernel subsystem maintainers.

Also fix an obvious typo.

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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File Documentation/howto/using-topic-branches.txt

 patches blocked in the test tree waiting for complex changes to accumulate
 enough test time to graduate.
-Back in the BitKeeper days I achieved this my creating small forests of
+Back in the BitKeeper days I achieved this by creating small forests of
 temporary trees, one tree for each logical grouping of patches, and then
 pulling changes from these trees first to the test tree, and then to the
 release tree.  At first I replicated this in GIT, but then I realised
 First create your work tree by cloning Linus's public tree:
- $ git clone rsync:// work
+ $ git clone \
+ work
 Change directory into the cloned tree you just created
 branch into a local branch named "linus":
  $ cat > .git/remotes/linus
- URL: rsync://
+ URL:
  Pull: master:linus