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* maint-1.7.0:
fast-import: introduce "feature notes" command
fast-import: clarify documentation of "feature" command


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File Documentation/git-fast-import.txt

 	rather than wasting time on the early part of an import
 	before the unsupported command is detected.
+	Require that the backend support the 'notemodify' (N)
+	subcommand to the 'commit' command.
+	Versions of fast-import not supporting notes will exit
+	with a message indicating so.
 Processes the specified option so that git fast-import behaves in a

File fast-import.c

 		relative_marks_paths = 0;
 	} else if (!prefixcmp(feature, "force")) {
 		force_update = 1;
+	} else if (!strcmp(feature, "notes")) {
+		; /* do nothing; we have the feature */
 	} else {
 		return 0;

File t/

 cat >input <<INPUT_END
+feature notes
 commit refs/notes/test
 data <<COMMIT