Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Default avatar Sergei Organov
core-tutorial.txt: Fix argument mistake in an example.
Default avatar Jing Xue
replace reference to git-rm with git-reset in git-commit doc
Default avatar Wincent Colaiuta
Grammar fixes for gitattributes documentation
Default avatar Shawn O. Pearce
Don't allow fast-import tree delta chains to exceed maximum depth
Default avatar Junio C Hamano
revert/cherry-pick: allow starting from dirty work tree.
Default avatar Junio C Hamano
t/t3404: fix test for a bogus todo file.
Default avatar Björn Steinbrink
git-commit: Add tests for invalid usage of -a/--interactive with paths
Default avatar Junio C Hamano
Merge branch 'sp/maint-plug-traverse-commit-list-leak' into maint
Default avatar Christian Couder
for-each-ref: fix off by one read.
Default avatar Jeff King
git-branch: remove mention of non-existent '-b' option
Default avatar Benoit Sigoure
git-svn: prevent dcommitting if the index is dirty.
Default avatar Junio C Hamano
t2200: test more cases of "add -u"
Default avatar Björn Steinbrink Don't invoke real vi when it is in GIT_EXEC_PATH
Default avatar Rémi Vanicat
Make GIT_INDEX_FILE apply to git-commit
Default avatar Nicolas Pitre
fix index-pack with packs >4GB containing deltas on 32-bit machines
Default avatar Nicolas Pitre
git-hash-object should honor config variables
Default avatar Vincent Zanotti
gitweb: correct month in date display for atom feeds
Default avatar Shawn O. Pearce
Fix memory leak in traverse_commit_list
Default avatar Junio C Hamano
git-add: make the entry stat-clean after re-adding the same contents
Default avatar Junio C Hamano
ce_match_stat, run_diff_files: use symbolic constants for readability
Default avatar Nicolas Pitre
print warning/error/fatal messages in one shot
Default avatar Junio C Hamano
Start preparing for
Default avatar Benoit Sigoure
git-send-email: Change the prompt for the subject of the initial message.
Default avatar Sergei Organov
SubmittingPatches: improve the 'Patch:' section of the checklist
Default avatar Jonas Fonseca
instaweb: Minor cleanups and fixes for potential problems
Default avatar Alex Riesen
stop t1400 hiding errors in tests
Default avatar Junio C Hamano
Makefile: add missing dependency on wt-status.h
Default avatar Junio C Hamano
refresh_index_quietly(): express "optional" nature of index writing better
Default avatar Ralf Wildenhues
Fix sed string regex escaping in module_name.
Default avatar Ralf Wildenhues
Avoid a few unportable, needlessly nested "...`...".
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