Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Junio C Hamano
GIT v1.5.1.4
Quy Tonthat
Add howto files to rpm packages.
Amos Waterland
wcwidth redeclaration
J. Bruce Fields
user-manual: fix clone and fetch typos
Junio C Hamano
Merge branch 'maint' of git:// into maint
Junio C Hamano
Merge git:// into maint
Jeff King
Documentation: don't reference non-existent 'git-cvsapplycommit'
J. Bruce Fields
user-manual: stop deprecating the manual
J. Bruce Fields
user-manual: miscellaneous editing
J. Bruce Fields
user-manual: fix .gitconfig editing examples
J. Bruce Fields
user-manual: clean up fast-forward and dangling-objects sections
J. Bruce Fields
user-manual: add section ID's
J. Bruce Fields
user-manual: more discussion of detached heads, fix typos
Alex Riesen
Small correction in reading of commit headers
James Bowes
Documentation: fix typo in git-remote.txt
Junio C Hamano
Add test for blame corner cases.
Junio C Hamano
blame: -C -C -C
Junio C Hamano
blame: Notice a wholesale incorporation of an existing file.
Linus Torvalds
Fix --boundary output
Jakub Narębski
diff format documentation: describe raw combined diff format
Carl Worth
Mention version 1.5.1 in tutorial and user-manual
Karl Hasselström
Add --no-rebase option to git-svn dcommit
Karl Hasselström
Fix markup in git-svn man page
Ismail Dönmez
gitweb: use decode_utf8 directly
posix compatibility for t4200
Arjen Laarhoven
Document 'opendiff' value in config.txt and git-mergetool.txt
Allow PERL_PATH="/usr/bin/env perl"
Daniel Barkalow
Make xstrndup common
Junio C Hamano
diff.c: fix "size cache" handling.
Alexandre Julliard
http-fetch: Disable use of curl multi support for libcurl < 7.16.
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