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Junio C Hamano
Documentation: xmlto 0.0.18 does not know --stringparam
Brandon Casey
t4201: use ISO8859-1 rather than ISO-8859-1
Jan Krüger
pull: clarify advice for the unconfigured error case
Junio C Hamano
Junio C Hamano
Unconditionally set man.base.url.for.relative.links
Junio C Hamano
Documentation/Makefile: allow to be set from Make
Junio C Hamano
Prepare for
Junio C Hamano
merge: do not add standard message when message is given with -m option
Junio C Hamano
Do not misidentify "git merge foo HEAD" as an old-style invocation
David Aguilar
help: Do not unnecessarily look for a repository
Michael J Gruber
Documentation: Fix a few i.e./e.g. mix-ups
Documentation: Document --branch option in git clone synopsis
Matthieu Moy
builtin-merge: show user-friendly error messages for fast-forward too.
Matthieu Moy
merge-recursive: make the error-message generation an extern function
Avery Pennarun
builtin-merge.c: call exclude_cmds() correctly.
Junio C Hamano
Remove dead code from "git am"
Felipe Contreras
format-patch: add test for parsing of "--"
Felipe Contreras
format-patch: fix parsing of "--" on the command line
Junio C Hamano
builtin-apply.c: pay attention to -p<n> when determining the name
Uwe Kleine-König
shortlog: respect commit encoding
Nicolas Pitre
pack-objects: split implications of --all-progress from progress activation
Stephen Boyd
instaweb: restart server if already running
Jeff King
prune-packed: only show progress when stderr is a tty
Junio C Hamano
Protect scripted Porcelains from GREP_OPTIONS insanity
René Scharfe
mergetool--lib: simplify guess_merge_tool()
Matthieu Moy
user-manual: Document that "git merge" doesn't like uncommited changes.
Matthieu Moy
merge-recursive: point the user to commit when file would be overwritten.
Junio C Hamano
Documentation: avoid xmlto input error
Raman Gupta
Add branch management for releases to gitworkflows
Lukas Sandström
git am/mailinfo: Don't look at in-body headers when rebasing
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