Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
git-gui: update Japanese translation
René Scharfe
git-name-rev: don't use printf without format
Christian Stimming
gitk: Updated German translation
Mikael Magnusson
git-gui: Update swedish translation.
Giuseppe Bilotta
diff: chapter and part in funcname for tex
Avery Pennarun
Teach "git diff -p" Pascal/Delphi funcname pattern
Giuseppe Bilotta
diff: add ruby funcname pattern
Jon Jensen
Fix reference to Everyday Git, which is an HTML document and not a man page.
Lee Marlow
bash completion: Add more long options for 'git log'
Lee Marlow
bash completion: remove unused function _git_diff_tree
Johannes Schindelin
clone: Add an option to set up a mirror
Shawn O. Pearce
git-gui: Update git-gui.pot for 0.11 nearing release
Christian Stimming
git-gui: Update German translation
Junio C Hamano
Merge branch 'maint'
Pieter de Bie
git-name-rev: allow --name-only in combination with --stdin
Junio C Hamano
builtin-name-rev.c: split deeply nested part from the main function
Junio C Hamano
Merge branch 'maint'
Junio C Hamano
Start RelNotes to describe accumulated fixes
Ciaran McCreesh
Make git-add -i accept ranges like 7-
Junio C Hamano
Update my e-mail address
Jonathan Nieder
git-diff(1): "--c" -> "--cc" typo fix
Pierre Habouzit
git-submodule: move ill placed shift.
Brandon Casey
t/ add newline at end of file
Johannes Schindelin
sort_in_topological_order(): avoid setting a commit flag
Junio C Hamano
Documentation: clarify diff --cc
Steve Haslam
Propagate -u/--upload-pack option of "git clone" to transport.
Anders Melchiorsen
Documentation: fix diff.external example
Junio C Hamano
make sure parsed wildcard refspec ends with slash
Jeff King
init: handle empty "template" parameter
Stephan Beyer
builtin-revert.c: typofix
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