Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Thomas Rast
prefix_filename(): safely handle the case where pfx_len=0
Jonathan Nieder
t4203 (mailmap): stop hardcoding commit ids and dates
Christoph Mallon
diff --check: correct line numbers of new blank lines at EOF
Jim Meyering
mailmap: fix use of freed memory
Luck, Tony
Better advice on using topic branches for kernel development
Jonathan Nieder
Documentation: update implicit "--no-index" behavior in "git diff"
Jonathan Nieder
Documentation: expand 'git diff' SEE ALSO section
Jonathan Nieder
Documentation: diff can compare blobs
Jonathan Nieder
Documentation: gitrevisions is in section 7
Jeff King
rev-list: handle %x00 NUL in user format
Andreas Köhler
submodule sync: Update "submodule.<name>.url" for empty directories
Anders Kaseorg
apply: Recognize epoch timestamps with : in the timezone
Junio C Hamano
shell portability: no "export VAR=VAL"
Junio C Hamano
CodingGuidelines: reword parameter expansion section
Bert Wesarg
Documentation: update-index: -z applies also to --index-info
Jonathan Nieder
Documentation: No argument of ALLOC_GROW should have side-effects
Štěpán Němec
Fix {update,checkout}-index usage strings
Štěpán Němec
Put a space between `<' and argument in pack-objects usage string
Štěpán Němec
Remove stray quotes in --pretty and --format documentation
Štěpán Němec
Use parentheses and `...' where appropriate
Štěpán Němec
Fix odd markup in --diff-filter documentation
Štěpán Němec
Use angles for placeholders consistently
Yann Dirson
t/t3415: use && where applicable.
Ramkumar Ramachandra
SubmittingPatches: Document some extra tags used in commit messages
Uwe Kleine-König
Documentation/git-clone: describe --mirror more verbosely
Erik Faye-Lund
do not depend on signed integer overflow
René Scharfe
work around buggy S_ISxxx(m) implementations
Jonathan Nieder
xdiff: cast arguments for ctype functions to unsigned char
Jonathan Nieder
init: plug tiny one-time memory leak
Brandon Casey
diffcore-pickaxe.c: remove unnecessary curly braces
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