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Joey Hess
sha1_file: avoid bogus "file exists" error message
Bryan Drewery
Fix misleading wording for git-cherry-pick
Alex Riesen
Alex Riesen
Fix handle leak in sha1_file/unpack_objects if there were damaged object data
Johannes Sixt
compat/mingw.c: Teach mingw_rename() to replace read-only files
Johannes Schindelin
Document levenshtein.c
Samuel Tardieu
Fix deletion of last character in levenshtein distance
Christian Couder
git-gui: french translation update
Alexandre Julliard
git.el: Allow to commit even if there are no marked files.
Alexandre Julliard
git.el: Add possibility to mark files directly in git-update-status-files.
Alexandre Julliard
git.el: Add an insert file command.
Alexandre Julliard
git.el: Never clear the status buffer, only update the files.
Alexandre Julliard
git.el: Fix git-amend-commit to support amending an initial commit.
Alexandre Julliard
git.el: Properly handle merge commits in git-amend-commit.
Alexandre Julliard
git.el: Simplify handling of merge heads in the commit log-edit buffer.
Alexandre Julliard
git.el: Remove the env parameter in git-call-process and git-call-process-string.
Alexandre Julliard
git.el: Improve error handling for commits.
Peter Krefting
Updated Swedish translation (514t0f0u).
Michele Ballabio
git gui: update Italian translation
Mark Burton
git-commit.txt - mention that files listed on the command line must be known to git.
Retain multiple -q/-v occurrences in git pull
Mark Burton
Documentation: rev-list-options.txt: added --branches, --tags & --remotes.
Miklos Vajna
builtin-branch: use strbuf in rename_branch()
Miklos Vajna
builtin-branch: use strbuf in fill_tracking_info()
Miklos Vajna
builtin-branch: use strbuf in delete_branches()
Cheng Renquan
git-remote: add verbose mode to git remote update
Paul Mackerras
gitk: Fix context menu items for generating diffs when in tree mode
Alexander Gavrilov
gitk: Avoid handling the Return key twice in Add Branch
Paul Mackerras
gitk: Show local changes properly when we have a path limit
Paul Mackerras
gitk: Fix switch statement in parseviewargs
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