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Junio C Hamano
contrib: resurrect scripted git-revert.
Junio C Hamano
Merge branch 'ar/commit-cleanup'
Junio C Hamano
Fix rewrite_diff() name quoting.
Junio C Hamano
combine-diff: Fix path quoting
Junio C Hamano
Fix documentation of --first-parent in git-log and copy it to git-rev-list
Arjen Laarhoven
Fix "git log --diff-filter" bug
Shawn O. Pearce
Improve error messages when int/long cannot be parsed from config
Jeff King
cvsimport: die on cvsps errors
Gustaf Hendeby
shortlog manpage documentation: work around asciidoc markup issues
Junio C Hamano
Documentation: describe 'union' low-level merge driver
Alex Riesen
Allow selection of different cleanup modes for commit messages
Junio C Hamano
builtin-commit: avoid double-negation in the code.
Junio C Hamano
builtin-commit: fix amending of the initial commit
Junio C Hamano
t7005: do not exit inside test.
Jim Meyering
Don't dereference NULL upon lookup failure.
Wincent Colaiuta
Emit helpful status for accidental "git stash" save
Pierre Habouzit
parse-options: Add a gitcli(5) man page.
Pierre Habouzit
Force the sticked form for options with optional arguments.
Junio C Hamano
Fix $EDITOR regression introduced by rewrite in C.
Stefan Sperling
Small comment fix for git-cvsimport.
Gustaf Hendeby
Make git send-email accept $EDITOR with arguments
Pierre Habouzit
git-tag: fix -l switch handling regression.
Junio C Hamano
Documentation: ls-files -v is about "assume unchanged".
Linus Torvalds
Re(-re)*fix trim_common_tail()
Jakub Narebski
gitweb: fix whitespace in config_to_multi (indent with tab)
Miklos Vajna
everyday: replace 'prune' and 'repack' with 'gc'
Charles Bailey
Remove old generated files from .gitignore.
Jeff King
clean up 1.5.4 release notes
Johannes Schindelin
Mention git-shell's "cvs" substitution in the RelNotes
Junio C Hamano
shell-scripts usage(): consistently exit with non-zero
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