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Documentation: spelling fixes

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Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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File Documentation/diff-config.txt

 	Limit the width of the graph part in --stat output. If set, applies
-	to all commands generating --stat outuput except format-patch.
+	to all commands generating --stat output except format-patch.
 	If this config variable is set, diff generation is not

File Documentation/git-column.txt

 'git column' [--command=<name>] [--[raw-]mode=<mode>] [--width=<width>]
-	     [--indent=<string>] [--nl=<string>] [--pading=<n>]
+	     [--indent=<string>] [--nl=<string>] [--padding=<n>]

File Documentation/git-commit-tree.txt

 	Each '-p' indicates the id of a parent commit object.
 -m <message>::
-	A paragraph in the commig log message. This can be given more than
+	A paragraph in the commit log message. This can be given more than
 	once and each <message> becomes its own paragraph.
 -F <file>::

File Documentation/git.txt

 	This environment variable overrides `$EDITOR` and `$VISUAL`.
-	It is used by several git comands when, on interactive mode,
+	It is used by several git commands when, on interactive mode,
 	an editor is to be launched. See also linkgit:git-var[1]
 	and the `core.editor` option in linkgit:git-config[1].

File Documentation/gitweb.conf.txt

 	By default set to 'highlight'; set it to full path to highlight
 	executable if it is not installed on your web server's PATH.
 	Note that 'highlight' feature must be set for gitweb to actually
-	use syntax hightlighting.
+	use syntax highlighting.
 *NOTE*: if you want to add support for new file type (supported by
 "highlight" but not used by gitweb), you need to modify `%highlight_ext`

File Documentation/user-manual.txt

 You will see informational messages on dangling objects. They are objects
 that still exist in the repository but are no longer referenced by any of
 your branches, and can (and will) be removed after a while with "gc".
-You can run `git fsck --no-dangling` to supress these messages, and still
+You can run `git fsck --no-dangling` to suppress these messages, and still
 view real errors.