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Documentation/remote-helpers: Add invocation section

Add an 'Invocation' section to specify what the command line arguments
mean. Also include a link to git-remote in the 'See Also' section.

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File Documentation/git-remote-helpers.txt

-'git remote-<transport>' <remote>
+'git remote-<transport>' <repository> [<URL>]
 'git-remote-ftp' and 'git-remote-ftps'. They implement the capabilities
 'fetch', 'option', and 'push'.
+Remote helper programs are invoked with one or (optionally) two
+arguments. The first argument specifies a remote repository as in git;
+it is either the name of a configured remote or a URL. The second
+argument specifies a URL of the form '<transport>://<address>' or
+'<transport>::<address>', where '<address>' may be an arbitrary
+When git encounters a URL of the form '<transport>://<address>', where
+'<transport>' is a protocol that it cannot handle natively, it
+automatically invokes 'git remote-<transport>' with the full URL as
+the second argument. If such a URL is encountered directly on the
+command line, the first argument is the same as the second, and if it
+is encountered in a configured remote, the first argument is the name
+of that remote.
+A URL of the form '<transport>::<address>' explicitly instructs git to
+invoke 'git remote-<transport>' with '<address>' as the second
+argument. If such a URL is encountered directly on the command line,
+the first argument is '<address>', and if it is encountered in a
+configured remote, the first argument is the name of that remote.
+Additionally, when a configured remote has 'remote.<name>.vcs' set to
+'<transport>', git explicitly invokes 'git remote-<transport>' with
+'<name>' as the first argument. If set, the second argument is
+'remote.<name>.url'; otherwise, the second argument is omitted.
 	helper MUST NOT rely on this option being set before
 	connect request occurs.
 Documentation by Daniel Barkalow and Ilari Liusvaara