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Remove unused

This file is a remnant from the big command rename which happened
quite some time ago.

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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-# If you installed git by hand previously, you may find this
-# script useful to remove the symbolic links that we shipped
-# for backward compatibility.
-# Running this script with the previous installation directory
-# like this:
-# $ /usr/local/bin/
-# would clean them.
-test -d "$d" || exit
-while read old new
-	rm -f "$d/$old"
-done <<\EOF
-git-add-script	git-add
-git-archimport-script	git-archimport
-git-bisect-script	git-bisect
-git-branch-script	git-branch
-git-checkout-script	git-checkout
-git-cherry-pick-script	git-cherry-pick
-git-clone-script	git-clone
-git-commit-script	git-commit
-git-count-objects-script	git-count-objects
-git-cvsimport-script	git-cvsimport
-git-diff-script	git-diff
-git-send-email-script	git-send-email
-git-fetch-script	git-fetch
-git-format-patch-script	git-format-patch
-git-log-script	git-log
-git-ls-remote-script	git-ls-remote
-git-merge-one-file-script	git-merge-one-file
-git-octopus-script	git-octopus
-git-parse-remote-script	git-parse-remote
-git-prune-script	git-prune
-git-pull-script	git-pull
-git-push-script	git-push
-git-rebase-script	git-rebase
-git-relink-script	git-relink
-git-rename-script	git-rename
-git-repack-script	git-repack
-git-request-pull-script	git-request-pull
-git-reset-script	git-reset
-git-resolve-script	git-resolve
-git-revert-script	git-revert
-git-sh-setup-script	git-sh-setup
-git-status-script	git-status
-git-tag-script	git-tag
-git-verify-tag-script	git-verify-tag
-git-http-pull	git-http-fetch
-git-local-pull	git-local-fetch
-git-checkout-cache	git-checkout-index
-git-diff-cache	git-diff-index
-git-merge-cache	git-merge-index
-git-update-cache	git-update-index
-git-convert-cache	git-convert-objects
-git-fsck-cache	git-fsck-objects