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With a handful of fixes backmerged from 1.6.2.X series

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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 Fixes since v1.6.1.3
+* .gitignore learned to handle backslash as a quoting mechanism for
+  comment introduction character "#".
+  This fix was first merged to
 * "git fast-export" produced wrong output with some parents missing from
   commits, when the history is clock-skewed.
 * "git fast-import" sometimes failed to read back objects it just wrote
   out and aborted, because it failed to flush stale cached data.
+* "git-ls-tree" and "git-diff-tree" used a pathspec correctly when
+  deciding to descend into a subdirectory but they did not match the
+  individual paths correctly.  This caused pathspecs "abc/d ab" to match
+  "abc/0" ("abc/d" made them decide to descend into the directory "abc/",
+  and then "ab" incorrectly matched "abc/0" when it shouldn't).
+  This fix was first merged to
+* import-zips script (in contrib) did not compute the common directory
+  prefix correctly.
+  This fix was first merged to
+* "git init" segfaulted when given an overlong template location via
+  the --template= option.
+  This fix was first merged to
 * "git repack" did not error out when necessary object was missing in the
+* git-repack (invoked from git-gc) did not work as nicely as it should in
+  a repository that borrows objects from neighbours via alternates
+  mechanism especially when some packs are marked with the ".keep" flag
+  to prevent them from being repacked.
+  This fix was first merged to
 Also includes minor documentation fixes and updates.