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Merge branch 'maint-1.6.3' into maint

* maint-1.6.3:
add -p: do not attempt to coalesce mode changes
git add -p: demonstrate failure when staging both mode and hunk

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 	my ($last_o_ctx, $last_was_dirty);
 	for (grep { $_->{USE} } @in) {
+		if ($_->{TYPE} ne 'hunk') {
+			push @out, $_;
+			next;
+		}
 		my $text = $_->{TEXT};
 		my ($o_ofs) = parse_hunk_header($text->[0]);
 		if (defined $last_o_ctx &&


 	git diff          file | grep "+content"
+test_expect_success FILEMODE 'stage mode and hunk' '
+	git reset --hard &&
+	echo content >>file &&
+	chmod +x file &&
+	printf "y\\ny\\n" | git add -p &&
+	git diff --cached file | grep "new mode" &&
+	git diff --cached file | grep "+content" &&
+	test -z "$(git diff file)"
 # end of tests disabled when filemode is not usable
 test_expect_success 'setup again' '
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