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Update draft release notes to 1.8.2

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <gitster@pobox.com>

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    E.g. "foo/**/bar" matches "bar" in "foo" itself or in a
    subdirectory of "foo".
+ * When giving arguments without "--" disambiguation, object names
+   that come earlier on the command line must not be interpretable as
+   pathspecs and pathspecs that come later on the command line must
+   not be interpretable as object names.  This disambiguation rule has
+   been tweaked so that ":/" (no other string before or after) is
+   always interpreted as a pathspec; "git cmd -- :/" is no longer
+   needed, you can just say "git cmd :/".
  * "git blame" (and "git diff") learned the "--no-follow" option.
  * "git check-ignore" command to help debugging .gitignore files has
  * A new remote helper to interact with bzr has been added to contrib/.
- * "git p4" got various bugfixes around its branch handling.
+ * "git p4" got various bugfixes around its branch handling.  It is
+   also made usable with Python 2.4/2.5.
  * The remote helper to interact with Hg in contrib/ has seen a few
  * Matching paths with common forms of pathspecs that contain wildcard
    characters has been optimized further.
+ * We stopped paying attention to $GIT_CONFIG environment that points
+   at a single configuration file from any command other than "git config"
+   quite a while ago, but "git clone" internally set, exported, and
+   then unexported the variable during its operation unnecessarily.
  * "git reset" internals has been reworked and should be faster in
    general. We tried to be careful not to break any behaviour but
    there could be corner cases, especially when running the command
    USE_WILDMATCH, using the resulting Git daily and reporting when you
    find breakages, you can help us get closer to that goal.
+ * Some reimplementations of Git do not write all the stat info back
+   to the index due to their implementation limitations (e.g. jgit).
+   A configuration option can tell Git to ignore changes to most of
+   the stat fields and only pay attention to mtime and size, which
+   these implementations can reliably update.  This can be used to
+   avoid excessive revalidation of contents.
 Also contains minor documentation updates and code clean-ups.
  * After failing to create a temporary file using mkstemp(), failing
    pathname was not reported correctly on some platforms.
+ * We used to stuff "user@" and then append what we read from
+   /etc/mailname to come up with a default e-mail ident, but a bug
+   lost the "user@" part.
+   (merge dc342a2 jn/do-not-drop-username-when-reading-from-etc-mailname later to maint).
  * The attribute mechanism didn't allow limiting attributes to be
    applied to only a single directory itself with "path/" like the
    exclude mechanism does.  The initial implementation of this that
  * "git archive" did not record uncompressed size in the header when
    streaming a zip archive, which confused some implementations of unzip.
+ * Attempt to "branch --edit-description" an existing branch, while
+   being on a detached HEAD, errored out.
+   (merge 75135b2 nd/edit-branch-desc-while-detached later to maint).
  * "git clean" showed what it was going to do, but sometimes end up
    finding that it was not allowed to do so, which resulted in a
    confusing output (e.g. after saying that it will remove an
    failed to remove the real location of the $GIT_DIR it created.
    This was most visible when interrupting a submodule update.
+ * "git fetch --depth" was broken in at least three ways.  The
+   resulting history was deeper than specified by one commit, it was
+   unclear how to wipe the shallowness of the repository with the
+   command, and documentation was misleading.
+   (merge cfb70e1 nd/fetch-depth-is-broken later to maint).
  * The way "git svn" asked for password using SSH_ASKPASS and
    GIT_ASKPASS was not in line with the rest of the system.
    need to be in the cvsadmin group on NetBSD 6.0).
  * t9020 and t9810 had a few non-portable shell script construct.
+ * Scripts to test bash completion was inherently flaky as it was
+   affected by whatever random things the user may have on $PATH.
+   (merge 5047822 jc/do-not-let-random-file-interfere-with-completion-tests later to maint).