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Merge git:// into maint

* git://
gitk: Allow user to choose whether to see the diff, old file, or new file

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         frame .bleft -width $geometry(botwidth) -height $geometry(botheight)
+    frame .bleft.mid
     button -text "Search" -command dosearch \
 	-font $uifont
     lappend entries $sstring
     trace add variable searchstring write incrsearch
     pack $sstring -side left -expand 1 -fill x
+    radiobutton .bleft.mid.diff -text "Diff" \
+	-command changediffdisp -variable diffelide -value {0 0}
+    radiobutton .bleft.mid.old -text "Old version" \
+	-command changediffdisp -variable diffelide -value {0 1}
+    radiobutton -text "New version" \
+	-command changediffdisp -variable diffelide -value {1 0}
+    pack .bleft.mid.diff .bleft.mid.old -side left
     set ctext .bleft.ctext
     text $ctext -background $bgcolor -foreground $fgcolor \
 	-state disabled -font $textfont \
 	-yscrollcommand scrolltext -wrap none
     scrollbar -command "$ctext yview"
     pack -side top -fill x
+    pack .bleft.mid -side top -fill x
     pack -side right -fill y
     pack $ctext -side left -fill both -expand 1
     lappend bglist $ctext
+proc changediffdisp {} {
+    global ctext diffelide
+    $ctext tag conf d0 -elide [lindex $diffelide 0]
+    $ctext tag conf d1 -elide [lindex $diffelide 1]
 proc prevfile {} {
     global difffilestart ctext
     set prev [lindex $difffilestart 0]
 set searchdirn -forwards
 set boldrows {}
 set boldnamerows {}
+set diffelide {0 0}
 set optim_delay 16
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