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Merge branch 'jb/filter-ignore-sigpipe' into maint

* jb/filter-ignore-sigpipe:
Ignore SIGPIPE when running a filter driver

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 #include "attr.h"
 #include "run-command.h"
 #include "quote.h"
+#include "sigchain.h"
  * convert.c - convert a file when checking it out and checking it in.
 	if (start_command(&child_process))
 		return error("cannot fork to run external filter %s", params->cmd);
+	sigchain_push(SIGPIPE, SIG_IGN);
 	write_err = (write_in_full(, params->src, params->size) < 0);
 	if (close(
 		write_err = 1;
 	if (write_err)
 		error("cannot feed the input to external filter %s", params->cmd);
+	sigchain_pop(SIGPIPE);
 	status = finish_command(&child_process);
 	if (status)
 		error("external filter %s failed %d", params->cmd, status);