Junio C Hamano  committed c78963d

connect.c: remove unused parameters from tcp_connect and proxy_connect

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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 #endif /* NO_IPV6 */
-static void git_tcp_connect(int fd[2],
-			    const char *prog, char *host, char *path)
+static void git_tcp_connect(int fd[2], char *host)
 	int sockfd = git_tcp_connect_sock(host);
 	return (git_proxy_command && *git_proxy_command);
-static void git_proxy_connect(int fd[2],
-			      const char *prog, char *host, char *path)
+static void git_proxy_connect(int fd[2], char *host)
 	const char *port = STR(DEFAULT_GIT_PORT);
 	char *colon, *end;
 		char *target_host = strdup(host);
 		if (git_use_proxy(host))
-			git_proxy_connect(fd, prog, host, path);
+			git_proxy_connect(fd, host);
-			git_tcp_connect(fd, prog, host, path);
+			git_tcp_connect(fd, host);
 		 * Separate original protocol components prog and path
 		 * from extended components with a NUL byte.