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Shawn O. Pearce  committed cd16a6c

git-gui: Bind Meta-T for "Stage To Commit" menu action

Aaron Digulla suggested we bind Ctrl-T or Cmd-T to "Stage To Commit"
menu action so it can be easily accessed from the keyboard.

Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <spearce@spearce.org>

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 		[list .mbar.commit entryconf [.mbar.commit index last] -state]
 	.mbar.commit add command -label [mc "Stage To Commit"] \
-		-command do_add_selection
+		-command do_add_selection \
+		-accelerator $M1T-T
 	lappend disable_on_lock \
 		[list .mbar.commit entryconf [.mbar.commit index last] -state]
 # -- Key Bindings
 bind $ui_comm <$M1B-Key-Return> {do_commit;break}
+bind $ui_comm <$M1B-Key-t> {do_add_selection;break}
+bind $ui_comm <$M1B-Key-T> {do_add_selection;break}
 bind $ui_comm <$M1B-Key-i> {do_add_all;break}
 bind $ui_comm <$M1B-Key-I> {do_add_all;break}
 bind $ui_comm <$M1B-Key-x> {tk_textCut %W;break}
 bind .   <$M1B-Key-R> do_rescan
 bind .   <$M1B-Key-s> do_signoff
 bind .   <$M1B-Key-S> do_signoff
+bind .   <$M1B-Key-t> do_add_selection
+bind .   <$M1B-Key-T> do_add_selection
 bind .   <$M1B-Key-i> do_add_all
 bind .   <$M1B-Key-I> do_add_all
 bind .   <$M1B-Key-Return> do_commit