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git-svn: fix commits over svn+ssh://

Once a get_commit_editor has been called from an SVN session, RA
layer operations are not allowed (well, unless you're using
file:// or http(s)://). So we'll pass an alternate SVN::Ra
object to our editor object for running 'check-path'.

This should fix commits over svnserve (svn:// without ssh, too).

Closes Debian bug #392702, thanks to Pierre Habouzit for
reporting the bug.

Signed-off-by: Eric Wong <>;
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>;

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 			$SVN = libsvn_connect($repo);
 			my $ed = SVN::Git::Editor->new(
 					{	r => $r_last,
-						ra => $SVN,
+						ra => $SVN_LOG,
 						c => $c,
 						svn_path => $SVN_PATH
 	$SVN ||= libsvn_connect($repo);
 	my @lock = $SVN::Core::VERSION ge '1.2.0' ? (undef, 0) : ();
 	my $ed = SVN::Git::Editor->new({	r => $SVN->get_latest_revnum,
-						ra => $SVN, c => $tb,
+						ra => $SVN_LOG, c => $tb,
 						svn_path => $SVN_PATH
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