Junio C Hamano  committed ceb8442

GIT 1.5.1-rc1

I think we can start to slow down, as we now have covered
everything I listed earlier in the short-term release plan.

The last release 1.5.0 took painfully too long.

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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File Documentation/RelNotes-1.5.1.txt

   - "git diff --pretty=format:<string>" to allow more flexible
     custom log output.
+  - "git diff --no-index" can read from '-' (standard input).
+  - "git diff" also learned --exit-code to exit with non-zero
+    status when it found differences.  In the future we might
+    want to make this the default but that would be a rather big
+    backward incompatible change; it will stay as an option for
+    now.
+  - "git branch --track" can be used to set up configuration
+    variables to help it easier to base your work on branches
+    you track from a remote site.
+  - "git format-patch --attach" now emits attachments.  Use
+    --inline to get an inlined multipart/mixed.
   - "git name-rev" learned --refs=<pattern>, to limit the tags
     used for naming the given revisions only to the ones
     matching the given pattern.
   - "git bundle" can help sneaker-netting your changes between
+  - "git mergetool" can help 3-way file-level conflict
+    resolution with your favorite graphical merge tools.
   - A new configuration "core.symlinks" can be used to disable
     symlinks on filesystems that do not support them; they are
     checked out as regular files instead.
 * Updated behaviour of existing commands.
+  - "git fsck" does not barf on corrupt loose objects.
+  - "git archimport" allows remapping when coming up with git
+    branch names from arch names.
   - git-svn got almost a rewrite.
   - core.autocrlf configuration, when set to 'true', makes git
   - "git fetch" (hence "git clone" and "git pull") are less
     noisy when the output does not go to tty.
+  - "git fetch" between repositories with many refs were slow
+    even when there are not many changes that needed
+    transferring.  This has been sped up by partially rewriting
+    the heaviest parts in C.
+  - "git mailinfo" which splits an e-mail into a patch and the
+    metainformation was rewritten, thanks to Don Zickus.  It
+    handles nested multipart better.
+  - send-email learned configurable bcc and chain-reply-to.
+  - Using objects from packs is now seriouly optimized by clever
+    use of a cache.  This should be most noticeable in git-log
+    family of commands that involve reading many tree objects.
+    In addition, traversing revisions while filtering changes
+    with pathspecs is made faster by terminating the comparison
+    between the trees as early as possible.
 * Hooks
   - The sample update hook to show how to send out notification
     the repository.  Earlier, it showed new commits that appeared
     on the branch.
+* Others
+  - git-revert, git-gc and git-cherry-pick are now built-ins.
 exec >/var/tmp/1
 echo O=`git describe master`
 git shortlog --no-merges $O..master ^maint