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Junio C Hamano  committed d0f9884 Merge with conflicts

Merge branch 'jc/mention-tracking-for-pull-default' into pu

We stopped mentioning `tracking` is a deprecated but supported
synonym for `upstream` in pull.default even though we have no
intention of removing the support for it.

This is my "don't list it to catch readers' eyes, but make sure it
can be found if the reader looks for it" version; I'm not married
to the layout and am willing to take a replacement patch.

* jc/mention-tracking-for-pull-default:
doc: mention tracking for pull.default


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   This used to be the default, and stale web sites may still say so,
   but Git 2.0 has changed the default to `simple`.
-* `upstream` - push the current branch to its upstream branch.
+* `upstream` - push the current branch to its upstream branch
+  (`tracking` is a deprecated synonym for this).
   With this, `git push` will update the same remote ref as the one which
   is merged by `git pull`, making `push` and `pull` symmetrical.
   See "branch.<name>.merge" for how to configure the upstream branch.