Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason  committed d24fbca

Remove Git's support for smoke testing

I'm no longer running the Git smoke testing service at due to Smolder being a fragile piece of software not
having time to follow through on making it easy for third parties to
run and submit their own smoke tests.

So remove the support in Git for sending smoke tests to, it's still easy to modify the test suite to submit
smokes somewhere else.

This reverts the following commits:

Revert "t/README: Add SMOKE_{COMMENT,TAGS}= to smoke_report target" -- e38efac87d
Revert "t/README: Document the Smoke testing" -- d15e9ebc5c
Revert "t/Makefile: Create test-results dir for smoke target" -- 617344d77b
Revert "tests: Infrastructure for Git smoke testing" -- b6b84d1b74

Signed-off-by: Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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 	$(MAKE) GIT_TEST_OPTS="$(GIT_TEST_OPTS) --valgrind"
-# Smoke testing targets
--include ../GIT-VERSION-FILE
-uname_S := $(shell sh -c 'uname -s 2>/dev/null || echo unknown')
-uname_M := $(shell sh -c 'uname -m 2>/dev/null || echo unknown')
-	mkdir -p test-results
-test-results/git-smoke.tar.gz: test-results
-	$(PERL_PATH) ./harness \
-		--archive="test-results/git-smoke.tar.gz" \
-		$(T)
-smoke: test-results/git-smoke.tar.gz
-smoke_report: smoke
-	curl \
-		-H "Expect: " \
-		-F project=Git \
-		-F architecture="$(uname_M)" \
-		-F platform="$(uname_S)" \
-		-F revision="$(GIT_VERSION)" \
-		-F report_file=@test-results/git-smoke.tar.gz \
- \
-	| grep -v ^Redirecting
-.PHONY: pre-clean $(T) aggregate-results clean valgrind smoke smoke_report
+.PHONY: pre-clean $(T) aggregate-results clean valgrind
 That'll generate a detailed cover report in the "cover_db_html"
 directory, which you can then copy to a webserver, or inspect locally
 in a browser.
-Smoke testing
-The Git test suite has support for smoke testing. Smoke testing is
-when you submit the results of a test run to a central server for
-analysis and aggregation.
-Running a smoke tester is an easy and valuable way of contributing to
-Git development, particularly if you have access to an uncommon OS on
-obscure hardware.
-After building Git you can generate a smoke report like this in the
-"t" directory:
-    make clean smoke
-You can also pass arguments via the environment. This should make it
-    GIT_TEST_OPTS='--root=/dev/shm' TEST_JOBS=10 make clean smoke
-The "smoke" target will run the Git test suite with Perl's
-"TAP::Harness" module, and package up the results in a .tar.gz archive
-with "TAP::Harness::Archive". The former is included with Perl v5.10.1
-or later, but you'll need to install the latter from the CPAN. See the
-"Test coverage" section above for how you might do that.
-Once the "smoke" target finishes you'll see a message like this:
-    TAP Archive created at <path to git>/t/test-results/git-smoke.tar.gz
-To upload the smoke report you need to have curl(1) installed, then
-    make smoke_report
-To upload the report anonymously. Hopefully that'll return something
-like "Reported #7 added.".
-If you're going to be uploading reports frequently please request a
-user account by E-Mailing Once you have a username
-and password you'll be able to do:
-    SMOKE_USERNAME=<username> SMOKE_PASSWORD=<password> make smoke_report
-You can also add an additional comment to attach to the report, and/or
-a comma separated list of tags:
-    SMOKE_USERNAME=<username> SMOKE_PASSWORD=<password> \
-        SMOKE_COMMENT=<comment> SMOKE_TAGS=<tags> \
-        make smoke_report
-Once the report is uploaded it'll be made available at
-, here's an overview of Recent Smoke Reports
-for Git:
-The reports will also be mirrored to GitHub every few hours:
-The Smolder SQLite database is also mirrored and made available for
-Note that the database includes hashed (with crypt()) user passwords
-and E-Mail addresses. Don't use a valuable password for the smoke
-service if you have an account, or an E-Mail address you don't want to
-be publicly known. The user accounts are just meant to be convenient
-labels, they're not meant to be secure.

File t/harness

-use strict;
-use warnings;
-use Getopt::Long ();
-use TAP::Harness::Archive;
-	config => [ qw/ pass_through / ],
-	'jobs:1'    => \(my $jobs = $ENV{TEST_JOBS}),
-	'archive=s' => \my $archive,
-) or die "$0: Couldn't getoptions()";
-	jobs             => $jobs,
-	archive          => $archive,
-	 ? (test_args    => [ split /\s+/, $ENV{GIT_TEST_OPTS} ])
-	 : ()),
-	extra_properties => {},