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Update German and Simplified Chinese translations.

* 'maint' of git://
l10n: de.po: correct translation of a 'rebase' message
l10n: Improve many translation for zh_CN
l10n: Unify the translation for '(un)expected'

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 "and run me again.  I am stopping in case you still have something\n"
 "valuable there."
 msgstr ""
-"Es scheint so, als gäbe es das Verzeichnis $state_dir_base bereits, und\n"
-"es wäre verwunderlich, wenn ein Neuaufbau bereits im Gange ist. Wenn das\n"
-"der Fall ist, probiere bitte\n"
+"Es sieht so aus, als ob es das Verzeichnis $state_dir_base bereits gibt\n"
+"und es könnte ein anderer Neuaufbau im Gange sein. Wenn das der Fall ist,\n"
+"probiere bitte\n"
 "Wenn das nicht der Fall ist, probiere bitte\n"
-"und führe dieses Kommando nochmal aus. Es wird angehalten, falls bereits\n"
-"etwas Nützliches vorhanden ist."
+"und führe dieses Kommando nochmal aus. Es wird angehalten, falls noch\n"
+"etwas Schützenswertes vorhanden ist."
 #, sh-format
 msgstr[1] ""
 #: merge-recursive.c:190
 #, c-format
 "and have %d and %d different commits each, respectively.\n"
 msgstr[0] ""
 "您的分支和 '%s' 出现了偏离,\n"
-"并且各自分别有 %d 和 %d 处不同的提交。\n"
+"并且分别有 %d 和 %d 处不同的提交。\n"
 msgstr[1] ""
 "您的分支和 '%s' 出现了偏离,\n"
-"并且各自分别有 %d 和 %d 处不同的提交。\n"
+"并且分别有 %d 和 %d 处不同的提交。\n"
 #: sequencer.c:121 builtin/merge.c:865 builtin/merge.c:978
 #: builtin/merge.c:1088 builtin/merge.c:1098
 #: sequencer.c:779 sequencer.c:913
 msgid "no cherry-pick or revert in progress"
-msgstr "没有拣选或还原操作进行"
+msgstr "拣选或还原操作并未进行"
 #: sequencer.c:781
 msgid "cannot resolve HEAD"
 #: sequencer.c:809
 msgid "unexpected end of file"
-msgstr "未预期的文件结束"
+msgstr "意外的文件结束"
 #: sequencer.c:815
 #, c-format
 #: wrapper.c:413
 #, c-format
 msgid "unable to look up current user in the passwd file: %s"
-msgstr "无法在 passwd 文件中查询到当前用户:%s"
+msgstr "无法在 passwd 文件中查询到用户:%s"
 #: wrapper.c:414
 msgid "no such user"
 #: wt-status.c:785
 msgid "You have unmerged paths."
-msgstr "您有路径尚未合并。"
+msgstr "您有尚未合并的路径。"
 #  译者:注意保持前导空格
 #: wt-status.c:788 wt-status.c:912
 #: wt-status.c:898
 msgid ""
 "  (use \"git rebase --continue\" once you are satisfied with your changes)"
-msgstr "  (执行 \"git rebase --continue\" 一旦您满意您的修改)"
+msgstr "  (当您对您的修改满意后执行 \"git rebase --continue\")"
 #: wt-status.c:908
 msgid "You are currently cherry-picking."
 #: builtin/add.c:286
 #, c-format
 msgid "Could not open '%s' for writing."
-msgstr "不能为写入打开 '%s'。"
+msgstr "不能打开 '%s' 以写入。"
 #: builtin/add.c:290
 msgid "Could not write patch"
-msgstr "不能补丁"
+msgstr "不能生成补丁"
 #: builtin/add.c:295
 #, c-format
 #: builtin/add.c:312
 msgid "The following paths are ignored by one of your .gitignore files:\n"
-msgstr "下列路径您的一个 .gitignore 文件忽略:\n"
+msgstr "下列路径根据您的一个 .gitignore 文件而被忽略:\n"
 #: builtin/add.c:352
 #, c-format
 #: builtin/apply.c:946
 #, c-format
 msgid "git apply: bad git-diff - expected /dev/null, got %s on line %d"
-msgstr "git apply:错误的 git-diff - 期望 /dev/null,但在第 %2$d 行得到 %1$s"
+msgstr "git apply:错误的 git-diff - 应为 /dev/null,但在第 %2$d 行得到 %1$s"
 #: builtin/apply.c:950
 #, c-format
 #: builtin/apply.c:958
 #, c-format
 msgid "git apply: bad git-diff - expected /dev/null on line %d"
-msgstr "git apply:错误的 git-diff - 期望 /dev/null 于第 %d 行"
+msgstr "git apply:错误的 git-diff - 第 %d 行处应为 /dev/null"
 #: builtin/apply.c:1403
 #, c-format
 #: builtin/apply.c:1665
 #, c-format
 msgid "corrupt patch at line %d"
-msgstr "补丁损坏位于第 %d 行"
+msgstr "补丁第 %d 行损坏"
 #: builtin/apply.c:1701
 #, c-format
 #: builtin/apply.c:2918
 #, c-format
 msgid "binary patch to '%s' creates incorrect result (expecting %s, got %s)"
-msgstr "到 '%s' 的二进制补丁产生了不正确的结果(预期 %s,得到 %s)"
+msgstr "到 '%s' 的二进制补丁产生了不正确的结果(应为 %s,却为 %s)"
 #: builtin/apply.c:2939
 #, c-format
 #: builtin/apply.c:3402
 #, c-format
 msgid "%s has type %o, expected %o"
-msgstr "%s 的类型是 %o,预期是 %o"
+msgstr "%s 的类型是 %o,应为 %o"
 #: builtin/apply.c:3503
 #, c-format
 #, c-format
 msgid "Applying patch %%s with %d reject..."
 msgid_plural "Applying patch %%s with %d rejects..."
-msgstr[0] "应用补丁 %%s 时 %d 个被拒绝..."
-msgstr[1] "应用补丁 %%s 时 %d 个被拒绝..."
+msgstr[0] "应用 %%s 个补丁,其中 %d 个被拒绝..."
+msgstr[1] "应用 %%s 个补丁,其中 %d 个被拒绝..."
 #: builtin/apply.c:3980
 #, c-format
 #: builtin/apply.c:4310
 msgid "also apply the patch (use with --stat/--summary/--check)"
-msgstr "还应用此补丁(使用 --stat/--summary/--check 参数)"
+msgstr "还应用此补丁( --stat/--summary/--check 选项同时使用)"
 #: builtin/apply.c:4312
 msgid "attempt three-way merge if a patch does not apply"
 #: builtin/apply.c:4339
 msgid "tolerate incorrectly detected missing new-line at the end of file"
-msgstr "宽容不正确的文件末尾换行符"
+msgstr "允许不正确的文件末尾换行符"
 #: builtin/apply.c:4342
 msgid "do not trust the line counts in the hunk headers"
 #: builtin/archive.c:20
 msgid "could not redirect output"
-msgstr "不能输出重定向"
+msgstr "不能重定向输出"
 #: builtin/archive.c:37
 msgid "git archive: Remote with no URL"
 #: builtin/archive.c:58
 msgid "git archive: expected ACK/NAK, got EOF"
-msgstr "git archive:期待ACK/NACK,却得到EOF"
+msgstr "git archive:应为ACK/NACK,却得到EOF"
 #: builtin/archive.c:63
 #, c-format
 #: builtin/archive.c:71
 msgid "git archive: expected a flush"
-msgstr "git archive:预期一个刷新"
+msgstr "git archive:应为刷新"
 #  译者:保持原换行格式,在输出时 %s 的替代内容会让字符串变长
 #: builtin/branch.c:144
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