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* maint-1.5.4:
Docs gitk: Explicitly mention the files that gitk uses (~/.gitk)
Document -w option to shortlog
bisect: report bad rev better

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File Documentation/git-shortlog.txt

-git-log --pretty=short | 'git-shortlog' [-h] [-n] [-s] [-e]
-git-shortlog [-n|--numbered] [-s|--summary] [-e|--email] [<committish>...]
+git-log --pretty=short | 'git-shortlog' [-h] [-n] [-s] [-e] [-w]
+git-shortlog [-n|--numbered] [-s|--summary] [-e|--email] [-w[<width>[,<indent1>[,<indent2>]]]] [<committish>...]
 -e, \--email::
 	Show the email address of each author.
+	Linewrap the output by wrapping each line at `width`.  The first
+	line of each entry is indented by `indent1` spaces, and the second
+	and subsequent lines are indented by `indent2` spaces. `width`,
+	`indent1`, and `indent2` default to 76, 6 and 9 respectively.

File Documentation/gitk.txt

 	Show at most 100 changes made to the file 'Makefile'. Instead of only
 	looking for changes in the current branch look in all branches.
+Gitk creates the .gitk file in your $HOME directory to store preferences
+such as display options, font, and colors.
 See Also

File builtin-shortlog.c

 #include "shortlog.h"
 static const char shortlog_usage[] =
-"git-shortlog [-n] [-s] [-e] [<commit-id>... ]";
+"git-shortlog [-n] [-s] [-e] [-w] [<commit-id>... ]";
 static int compare_by_number(const void *a1, const void *a2)


 		for rev in "$@"
-			rev=$(git rev-parse --verify "$rev^{commit}") ||
+			sha=$(git rev-parse --verify "$rev^{commit}") ||
 				die "Bad rev input: $rev"
-			bisect_write "$state" "$rev"
+			bisect_write "$state" "$sha"
 		done ;;
 		die "'git bisect bad' can take only one argument." ;;