Eric Wong  committed dc43166

git-svn: don't minimize-url when doing an init that tracks multiple paths

I didn't have a chance to test the off-by-default minimize-url
stuff enough before, but it's quite broken for people passing
the --trunk/-T, --tags/-t, --branches/-b switches to "init" or
"clone" commands.

Additionally, follow-parent functionality seems broken when we're
not connected to the root of the repository.

Default behavior for "traditional" git-svn users who only track
one directory (without needing follow-parent) should be
reasonable, as those users started using things before
minimize-url functionality existed.

Behavior for users more used to the git-svnimport-like command
line will also benefit from a more-flexible command-line than
svnimport given the assumption they're working with
non-restrictive read permissions on the repository.

I hope to properly fix these bugs when I get a chance to in the
next week or so, but I would like to get this stopgap measure of
reverting to the old behavior as soon as possible.

Signed-off-by: Eric Wong <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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File git-svn.perl

 	unless (defined $_trunk || defined $_branches || defined $_tags) {
+	# there are currently some bugs that prevent multi-init/multi-fetch
+	# setups from working well without this.
+	$Git::SVN::_minimize_url = 1;
 	$_prefix = '' unless defined $_prefix;
 	if (defined $url) {
 		$url =~ s#/+$##;