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Bert Wesarg  committed e0e0a6c

git-gui: search and linenumber input are mutual exclusive in the blame view

It was possible to open the search input (Ctrl+S) and the goto-line input
(Ctrl+G) at the same time. Prevent this.

Signed-off-by: Bert Wesarg <bert.wesarg@googlemail.com>
Signed-off-by: Pat Thoyts <patthoyts@users.sourceforge.net>

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 	$w.ctxm add command \
 		-label [mc "Find Text..."] \
 		-accelerator F7 \
-		-command [list searchbar::show $finder]
+		-command [cb _show_finder]
 	$w.ctxm add command \
 		-label [mc "Goto Line..."] \
 		-accelerator "Ctrl-G" \
-		-command [list linebar::show $gotoline]
+		-command [cb _show_linebar]
 	menu $w.ctxm.enc
 	build_encoding_menu $w.ctxm.enc [cb _setencoding]
 	$w.ctxm add cascade \
 	bind $w_cviewer <Tab>       "[list focus $w_file];break"
 	bind $w_cviewer <Button-1>   [list focus $w_cviewer]
 	bind $w_file    <Visibility> [cb _focus_search $w_file]
-	bind $top       <F7>         [list searchbar::show $finder]
-	bind $top       <Key-slash>  [list searchbar::show $finder]
-	bind $top    <Control-Key-s> [list searchbar::show $finder]
+	bind $top       <F7>         [cb _show_finder]
+	bind $top       <Key-slash>  [cb _show_finder]
+	bind $top    <Control-Key-s> [cb _show_finder]
 	bind $top       <Escape>     [list searchbar::hide $finder]
 	bind $top       <F3>         [list searchbar::find_next $finder]
 	bind $top       <Shift-F3>   [list searchbar::find_prev $finder]
-	bind $top    <Control-Key-g> [list linebar::show $gotoline]
+	bind $top    <Control-Key-g> [cb _show_linebar]
 	catch { bind $top <Shift-Key-XF86_Switch_VT_3> [list searchbar::find_prev $finder] }
 	grid configure $w.header -sticky ew
 	set old_height $new_height
+method _show_finder {} {
+	linebar::hide $gotoline
+	searchbar::show $finder
+method _show_linebar {} {
+	searchbar::hide $finder
+	linebar::show $gotoline