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Hopefully the final update to draft release notes for 1.5.3.

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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File Documentation/RelNotes-1.5.3.txt

   - "git --bare command" overrode existing GIT_DIR setting and always
     made it treat the current working directory as GIT_DIR.
+  - "git ls-files --error-unmatch" does not complain if you give the
+    same path pattern twice by mistake.
+  - "git init" autodetected core.filemode but not core.symlinks, which
+    made a new directory created automatically by "git clone" cumbersome
+    to use on filesystems that require these configurations to be set.
+  - "git log" family of commands behaved differently when run as "git
+    log" (no pathspec) and as "git log --" (again, no pathspec).  This
+    inconsistency was introduced somewhere in v1.3.0 series but now has
+    been corrected.
 exec >/var/tmp/1
 echo O=`git describe refs/heads/master`
 git shortlog --no-merges $O..refs/heads/master ^refs/heads/maint