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git-log <diff-options> <paths> documentation

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-Shows the commit logs.  This command internally invokes
-'git-rev-list', and the command line options are passed to that
+Shows the commit logs.
+The command takes options applicable to the gitlink::git-rev-list[1]
+command to control what is shown and how, and options applicable to
+the gitlink::git-diff-tree[1] commands to control how the change
+each commit introduces are shown.
+This manual page describes only the most frequently used
-This manual page describes only the most frequently used options.
 	Show only commits between the named two commits.
+	Show the change the commit introduces in a patch form.
+	Show only commits that affect the specified paths.
 	The "--" is necessary to avoid confusion with the *branch* named
+git log -r --name-status release..test::
+	Show the commits that are in the "test" branch but not yet
+	in the "release" branch, along with the list of paths
+	each commit modifies.