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ref-log: style fixes.

A few style fixes to get the code in line with the rest.

- asterisk to make a type a pointer to something goes in front
of the variable, not at the end of the base type.
E.g. a pointer to an integer is "int *ip", not "int* ip".

- open parenthesis for function parameter list, unlike
syntactic constructs, comes immediately after the function
name. E.g. "if (foo) bar();" not "if(foo) bar ();".

- "else" does not come on the same line as the closing brace of
corresponding "if".

The style is mostly a matter of personal taste, and people may
disagree, but consistency is important.

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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 	if (has_sha1_file(obj->sha1)) {
 		/* We already have it, so we should scan it now. */
 		obj->flags |= TO_SCAN;
-	} else {
+	}
+	else {
 		if (obj->flags & COMPLETE)
 			return 0;
 		if (write_ref_log_details) {
 			msg = xmalloc(strlen(write_ref_log_details) + 12);
 			sprintf(msg, "fetch from %s", write_ref_log_details);
-		} else
+		}
+		else
 			msg = NULL;
 		ret = write_ref_sha1(lock, sha1, msg ? msg : "fetch (unknown)");
 		if (msg)
-static struct ref_lock* verify_lock(struct ref_lock *lock,
+static struct ref_lock *verify_lock(struct ref_lock *lock,
 	const unsigned char *old_sha1, int mustexist)
 	char buf[40];
 	return lock;
-static struct ref_lock* lock_ref_sha1_basic(const char *path,
+static struct ref_lock *lock_ref_sha1_basic(const char *path,
 	int plen,
 	const unsigned char *old_sha1, int mustexist)
 	return old_sha1 ? verify_lock(lock, old_sha1, mustexist) : lock;
-struct ref_lock* lock_ref_sha1(const char *ref,
+struct ref_lock *lock_ref_sha1(const char *ref,
 	const unsigned char *old_sha1, int mustexist)
 	if (check_ref_format(ref))
 		5 + strlen(ref), old_sha1, mustexist);
-struct ref_lock* lock_any_ref_for_update(const char *ref,
+struct ref_lock *lock_any_ref_for_update(const char *ref,
 	const unsigned char *old_sha1, int mustexist)
 	return lock_ref_sha1_basic(git_path("%s", ref),
 		strlen(ref), old_sha1, mustexist);
-void unlock_ref (struct ref_lock *lock)
+void unlock_ref(struct ref_lock *lock)
 	if (lock->lock_fd >= 0) {
-	} else {
+	}
+	else {
 		maxlen = strlen(comitter) + 2*40 + 4;
 		logrec = xmalloc(maxlen);
 		len = snprintf(logrec, maxlen, "%s %s %s\n",
 						"warning: Log %s has gap after %s.\n",
 						logfile, show_rfc2822_date(date, tz));
-			} else if (date == at_time) {
+			}
+			else if (date == at_time) {
 				if (get_sha1_hex(rec + 41, sha1))
 					die("Log %s is corrupt.", logfile);
-			} else {
+			}
+			else {
 				if (get_sha1_hex(rec + 41, logged_sha1))
 					die("Log %s is corrupt.", logfile);
 				if (memcmp(logged_sha1, sha1, 20)) {
 extern int get_ref_sha1(const char *ref, unsigned char *sha1);
 /** Locks a "refs/" ref returning the lock on success and NULL on failure. **/
-extern struct ref_lock* lock_ref_sha1(const char *ref, const unsigned char *old_sha1, int mustexist);
+extern struct ref_lock *lock_ref_sha1(const char *ref, const unsigned char *old_sha1, int mustexist);
 /** Locks any ref (for 'HEAD' type refs). */
-extern struct ref_lock* lock_any_ref_for_update(const char *ref, const unsigned char *old_sha1, int mustexist);
+extern struct ref_lock *lock_any_ref_for_update(const char *ref, const unsigned char *old_sha1, int mustexist);
 /** Release any lock taken but not written. **/
-extern void unlock_ref (struct ref_lock *lock);
+extern void unlock_ref(struct ref_lock *lock);
 /** Writes sha1 into the ref specified by the lock. **/
 extern int write_ref_sha1(struct ref_lock *lock, const unsigned char *sha1, const char *msg);