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git-gui: Clarify meaning of add tracked menu option

Junio recently pointed out on the mailing list that our "Add Existing"
feature is a lot like `git add -u`, which is generally described as
"(Re)Add Tracked Files". This came up during discussion of how to
translate "Add Existing" into Japanese, as the individual working on
the translation was not quite sure what the option meant and therefore
had some trouble selecting the best translation.

I'm changing the menu option to "Add Tracked Files To Commit" and the
button to "Add Tracked". This should help new users to better understand
the actions behind those GUI widgets.

Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>

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 	lappend disable_on_lock \
 		[list .mbar.commit entryconf [.mbar.commit index last] -state]
-	.mbar.commit add command -label {Add Existing To Commit} \
+	.mbar.commit add command -label {Add Tracked Files To Commit} \
 		-command do_add_all \
 		-accelerator $M1T-I
 	lappend disable_on_lock \
 lappend disable_on_lock \
 	{.vpane.lower.commarea.buttons.rescan conf -state}
-button .vpane.lower.commarea.buttons.incall -text {Add Existing} \
+button .vpane.lower.commarea.buttons.incall -text {Add Tracked} \
 	-command do_add_all
 pack .vpane.lower.commarea.buttons.incall -side top -fill x
 lappend disable_on_lock \