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* maint:
git-upload-pack: make sure we close unused pipe ends
Documentation/git-rev-parse.txt: fix example in SPECIFYING RANGES.
Documentation/git-svnimport.txt: fix typo.

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File Documentation/git-rev-parse.txt

 Here are a handful examples:
-   D                A B D
-   D F              A B C D F
-   ^A G             B D
-   ^A F             B C F
-   G...I            C D F G I
-   ^B G I           C D F G I
-   F^@              A B C
-   F^! H            D F H
+   D                G H D
+   D F              G H I J D F
+   ^G D             H D
+   ^D B             E I J F B
+   B...C            G H D E B C
+   ^D B C           E I J F B C
+   C^@              I J F
+   F^! D            G H D F

File Documentation/git-svnimport.txt

 SVN access is done by the SVN::Perl module.
 git-svnimport assumes that SVN repositories are organized into one
-"trunk" directory where the main development happens, "branch/FOO"
+"trunk" directory where the main development happens, "branches/FOO"
 directories for branches, and "/tags/FOO" directories for tags.
 Other subdirectories are ignored.