Bert Wesarg avatar Bert Wesarg committed e9144d5

git-gui: add regexp search mode to the searchbar

It's off by default, but can be enabled via the config

Signed-off-by: Bert Wesarg <>;
Signed-off-by: Pat Thoyts <>;

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 field ctext
 field searchstring   {}
+field regexpsearch
+field default_regexpsearch
 field casesensitive
 field default_casesensitive
 field searchdirn     -forwards
 	set w      $i_w
 	set ctext  $i_text
+	set default_regexpsearch [is_config_true]
 	if {[is_config_true]} {
 		set default_casesensitive 0
 	} else {
 	entry  $w.ent -textvariable ${__this}::searchstring -background lightgreen
 	${NS}::button $      -text [mc Next] -command [cb find_next]
 	${NS}::button $w.bp      -text [mc Prev] -command [cb find_prev]
-	${NS}::checkbutton $w.cs -text [mc Case-Sensitive] \
+	${NS}::checkbutton $ -text [mc RegExp] \
+		-variable ${__this}::regexpsearch -command [cb _incrsearch]
+	${NS}::checkbutton $w.cs -text [mc Case] \
 		-variable ${__this}::casesensitive -command [cb _incrsearch]
 	pack   $w.l   -side left
 	pack   $w.cs  -side right
+	pack   $  -side right
 	pack   $w.bp  -side right
 	pack   $  -side right
 	pack   $w.ent -side left -expand 1 -fill x
 method show {} {
 	if {![visible $this]} {
 		grid $w
+		set regexpsearch  $default_regexpsearch
 		set casesensitive $default_casesensitive
 	focus -force $w.ent
 		upvar $mlenvar mlen
 		lappend cmd -count mlen
+	if {$regexpsearch} {
+		lappend cmd -regexp
+	}
 	if {!$casesensitive} {
 		lappend cmd -nocase
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