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GIT 1.6.5-rc1

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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File Documentation/RelNotes-1.6.5.txt

  * more improvements on mingw port.
+ * mingw will also give FRSX as the default value for the LESS
+   environment variable when the user does not have one.
  * On major platforms, the system can be compiled to use with Linus's
  * Unnecessary inefficiency in deepening of a shallow repository has
    been removed.
+ * The "git" main binary used to link with libcurl, which then dragged
+   in a large number of external libraries.  When using basic plumbing
+   commands in scripts, this unnecessarily slowed things down.  We now
+   implement http/https/ftp transfer as a separate executable as we
+   used to.
+ * "git clone" run locally hardlinks or copies the files in .git/ to
+   newly created repository.  It used to give new mtime to copied files,
+   but this delayed garbage collection to trigger unnecessarily in the
+   cloned repository.  We now preserve mtime for these files to avoid
+   this issue.
 (usability, bells and whistles)
  * Human writable date format to various options, e.g. --since=yesterday,
    master@{2000.09.17}, are taught to infer some omitted input properly.
+ * A few programs gave verbose "advice" messages to help uninitiated
+   people when issuing error messages.  An infrastructure to allow
+   users to squelch them has been introduced, and a few such messages
+   can be silenced now.
  * refs/replace/ hierarchy is designed to be usable as a replacement
    of the "grafts" mechanism, with the added advantage that it can be
    transferred across repositories.
    reordering commits and trees without touching the contents of
+ * "git fast-import" has a pair of new front-end in contrib/ area.
  * "git init" learned to mkdir/chdir into a directory when given an
    extra argument (i.e. "git init this").
  * "git log --decorate" can optionally be told with --decorate=full to
    give the reference name in full.
+ * "git merge" issued an unnecessarily scary message when it detected
+   that the merge may have to touch the path that the user has local
+   uncommitted changes to. The message has been reworded to make it
+   clear that the command aborted, without doing any harm.
  * "git push" can be told to be --quiet.
+ * "git push" pays attention to url.$base.pushInsteadOf and uses a URL
+   that is derived from the URL used for fetching.
  * informational output from "git reset" that lists the locally modified
    paths is made consistent with that of "git checkout $another_branch".
 exec >/var/tmp/1
 echo O=$(git describe master)
 git shortlog --no-merges $O..master --not maint