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+Git v1.7.9.5 Release Notes
+Fixes since v1.7.9.4
+ * When "git config" diagnoses an error in a configuration file and
+   shows the line number for the offending line, it miscounted if the
+   error was at the end of line.
+ * "git fast-import" accepted "ls" command with an empty path by
+   mistake.
+ * Various new-ish output decoration modes of "git grep" were not
+   documented in the manual's synopsis section.
+ * The "remaining" subcommand to "git rerere" was not documented.
+ * "gitweb" used to drop warnings in the log file when "heads" view is
+   accessed in a repository whose HEAD does not point at a valid
+   branch.
+Also contains minor fixes and documentation updates.

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 	   [-c | --count] [--all-match] [-q | --quiet]
 	   [--max-depth <depth>]
 	   [--color[=<when>] | --no-color]
+	   [--break] [--heading] [-p | --show-function]
 	   [-A <post-context>] [-B <pre-context>] [-C <context>]
+	   [-W | --function-context]
 	   [-f <file>] [-e] <pattern>
 	   [--and|--or|--not|(|)|-e <pattern>...]
 	   [ [--exclude-standard] [--cached | --no-index | --untracked] | <tree>...]

File Documentation/git-rebase.txt

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 where point 2. consists of several instances of
-a. regular use
+a) regular use
  1. finish something worthy of a commit
  2. commit
-b. independent fixup
+b) independent fixup
  1. realize that something does not work
  2. fix that
  3. commit it

File Documentation/git.txt

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 branch of the `git.git` repository.
 Documentation for older releases are available here:
-* link:v1.7.9.4/git.html[documentation for release]
+* link:v1.7.9.5/git.html[documentation for release]
 * release notes for
+  link:RelNotes/[],
 	a pager.  See also the `core.pager` option in
+	This environment variable overrides `$EDITOR` and `$VISUAL`.
+	It is used by several git comands when, on interactive mode,
+	an editor is to be launched. See also linkgit:git-var[1]
+	and the `core.editor` option in linkgit:git-config[1].
 	If this environment variable is set then 'git fetch'
 	and 'git push' will use this command instead