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Junio C Hamano  committed ef5542c Merge

Merge branch 'eb/upload-archive-from-git-shell'

* eb/upload-archive-from-git-shell:
git-shell: Add 'git-upload-archive' to allowed commands.

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 The commands can be executed only by the '-c' option; the shell is not
-Currently, only three commands are permitted to be called, 'git-receive-pack'
-'git-upload-pack' with a single required argument or 'cvs server' (to invoke
+Currently, only four commands are permitted to be called, 'git-receive-pack'
+'git-upload-pack' and 'git-upload-archive' with a single required argument, or
+'cvs server' (to invoke 'git-cvsserver').

File shell.c

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 } cmd_list[] = {
 	{ "git-receive-pack", do_generic_cmd },
 	{ "git-upload-pack", do_generic_cmd },
+	{ "git-upload-archive", do_generic_cmd },
 	{ "cvs", do_cvs_cmd },
 	{ NULL },