Thomas Rast  committed efe4be1

bundle: keep around names passed to add_pending_object()

The 'name' field passed to add_pending_object() is used to later
deduplicate in object_array_remove_duplicates().

git-bundle had a bug in this area since 18449ab (git-bundle: avoid
packing objects which are in the prerequisites, 2007-03-08): it passed
the name of each boundary object in a static buffer. In other words,
all that object_array_remove_duplicates() saw was the name of the
*last* added boundary object.

The recent switch to a strbuf in bc2fed4 (bundle: use a strbuf to scan
the log for boundary commits, 2012-02-22) made this slightly worse: we
now free the buffer at the end, so it is not even guaranteed that it
still points into addressable memory by the time object_array_remove_
duplicates looks at it. On the plus side however, it was now
detectable by valgrind.

The fix is easy: pass a copy of the string to add_pending_object.

Signed-off-by: Thomas Rast <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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 			if (!get_sha1_hex(buf.buf + 1, sha1)) {
 				struct object *object = parse_object(sha1);
 				object->flags |= UNINTERESTING;
-				add_pending_object(&revs, object, buf.buf);
+				add_pending_object(&revs, object, xstrdup(buf.buf));
 		} else if (!get_sha1_hex(buf.buf, sha1)) {
 			struct object *object = parse_object(sha1);

File t/

+test_expect_success 'all boundary commits are excluded' '
+	test_commit base &&
+	test_commit oneside &&
+	git checkout HEAD^ &&
+	test_commit otherside &&
+	git checkout master &&
+	test_tick &&
+	git merge otherside &&
+	ad=$(git log --no-walk --format=%ad HEAD) &&
+	git bundle create twoside-boundary.bdl master --since="$ad" &&
+	convert_bundle_to_pack <twoside-boundary.bdl >twoside-boundary.pack &&
+	pack=$(git index-pack --fix-thin --stdin <twoside-boundary.pack) &&
+	test_bundle_object_count .git/objects/pack/pack-${pack##pack	}.pack 3