Gerrit Pape  committed f0c8426

[PATCH] gitk: use user-configured background in view definition dialog

Have the text fields in the view definition dialog (View->New view...)
use the background color as configured through the preferences, instead
of hard-coded 'white'.

This was suggested by Paul Wise through

Signed-off-by: Gerrit Pape <>
Signed-off-by: Paul Mackerras <>

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 proc vieweditor {top n title} {
-    global newviewname newviewperm viewfiles
+    global newviewname newviewperm viewfiles bgcolor
     toplevel $top
     wm title $top $title
 	-text [mc "Commits to include (arguments to git rev-list):"]
     grid $ - -sticky w -pady 5
     entry $top.args -width 50 -textvariable newviewargs($n) \
-	-background white
+	-background $bgcolor
     grid $top.args - -sticky ew -padx 5
     message $top.l -aspect 1000 \
 	-text [mc "Enter files and directories to include, one per line:"]
     grid $top.l - -sticky w
-    text $top.t -width 40 -height 10 -background white -font uifont
+    text $top.t -width 40 -height 10 -background $bgcolor -font uifont
     if {[info exists viewfiles($n)]} {
 	foreach f $viewfiles($n) {
 	    $top.t insert end $f