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Fix a couple of obvious and insignificant typo.

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>

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File git-svnimport.perl

 use SVN::Core;
 use SVN::Ra;
-die "Need CVN:Core 1.2.1 or better" if $SVN::Core::VERSION lt "1.2.1";
+die "Need SVN:Core 1.2.1 or better" if $SVN::Core::VERSION lt "1.2.1";
 sub usage() {
 	print STDERR <<END;
-Usage: ${\basename $0}     # fetch/update GIT from CVS
+Usage: ${\basename $0}     # fetch/update GIT from SVN
        [-o branch-for-HEAD] [-h] [-v] [-l max_num_changes]
        [-C GIT_repository] [-t tagname] [-T trunkname] [-b branchname]
        [-d|-D] [-i] [-u] [-s start_chg] [-m] [-M regex] [SVN_URL]