Bert Wesarg  committed f49517a

git-gui: make config gui.warndetachedcommit a boolean

Signed-off-by: Bert Wesarg <>
Signed-off-by: Pat Thoyts <>

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File lib/commit.tcl

 	global is_detached repo_config
 	global pch_error
-	if {$is_detached && $repo_config(gui.warndetachedcommit)} {
+	if {$is_detached && [is_config_true gui.warndetachedcommit]} {
 		set msg [mc "You are about to commit on a detached head.\
 This is a potentially dangerous thing to do because if you switch\
 to another branch you will loose your changes and it can be difficult\

File lib/option.tcl

 		{i-0..99 gui.commitmsgwidth {mc "Commit Message Text Width"}}
 		{t gui.newbranchtemplate {mc "New Branch Name Template"}}
 		{c gui.encoding {mc "Default File Contents Encoding"}}
+		{b gui.warndetachedcommit {mc "Warn before committing to a detached head"}}
 		{s gui.stageuntracked {mc "Staging of untracked files"} {list "yes" "no" "ask"}}
 		} {
 		set type [lindex $option 0]