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[PATCH] Docs for git-reset-script.

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File Documentation/git-reset-script.txt

-git-reset-script - Some git command not yet documented.
+git-reset-script - Reset current HEAD to the specified state.
-'git-reset-script' [ --option ] <args>...
+'git-reset-script' [--mixed | --soft | --hard] [<commit-ish>]
-Does something not yet documented.
+Sets the current head to the specified commit and optionally resets the
+index and working tree to match.
-	Some option not yet documented.
+	Like --soft but reports what has not been updated. This is the
+	default action.
+	Does not touch the index file nor the working tree at all, but
+	requires them in a good order.
-	Some argument not yet documented.
+	Matches the working tree and index to that of the tree being
+	switched to.
+	Commit to make the current HEAD.