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Johannes Schindelin
apply: get rid of --index-info in favor of --build-fake-ancestor
Carlos Rica
Move make_cache_entry() from merge-recursive.c into read-cache.c
Randy Dunlap
core-tutorial: correct URL
Shawn Bohrer
Fix spelling of overridden in documentation
Johannes Sixt
gitattributes.txt: Be more to the point in the filter driver description.
Johannes Sixt
gitattributes.txt: Remove a duplicated paragraph about 'ident' and 'crlf' interaction.
Michael Smith
user-manual: Explain what submodules are good for.
Junio C Hamano
Merge branch 'jn/web' into maint
Jim Meyering
Do not over-quote the -f envelopesender value.
Jim Meyering
unexpected Make output (e.g. from --debug) causes build failure
Glenn Rempe
Fixed minor typo in t/ test command line.
Jakub Narębski
gitweb: No difftree output for trivial merge
Jakub Narębski
gitweb: Remove parse_from_to_diffinfo code from git_patchset_body
Junio C Hamano
Merge branch 'maint' of git:// into maint
Eric Wong
git-svn: don't attempt to spawn pager if we don't want one
David Kastrup
Supplant the "while case ... break ;; esac" idiom
Miklos Vajna
User Manual: add a chapter for submodules
J. Bruce Fields
user-manual: don't assume refs are stored under .git/refs
David Brown
Detect exec bit in more cases.
Matt Kraai
Conjugate "search" correctly in the git-prune-packed man page.
Matt Kraai
Move the paragraph specifying where the .idx and .pack files should be
Junio C Hamano
Documentation/git-lost-found.txt: drop unnecessarily duplicated name.
Junio C Hamano
Väinö Järvelä
Fixed update-hook example allow-users format.
Eric Wong
Documentation/git-svn: updated design philosophy notes
Junio C Hamano
t/t4014: test "am -3" with mode-only change.
Pierre Habouzit
Fix lapsus in builtin-apply.c
Jeff King
git-push: documentation and tests for pushing only branches
Matthias Urlichs
git-svnimport: Use separate arguments in the pipe for git-rev-parse
Junio C Hamano
Document ls-files --with-tree=<tree-ish>
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