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Brandon Casey
diffcore-pickaxe.c: remove unnecessary curly braces
Junio C Hamano
Merge early part of git-svn into maint
Elijah Newren
t3020 (ls-files-error-unmatch): remove stray '1' from end of file
Jonathan Nieder
setup: make sure git dir path is in a permanent buffer
Jonathan Nieder
environment.c: remove unused variable
Johannes Schindelin
Fix typo in pack-objects' usage
Johannes Schindelin
Make sure that git_getpass() never returns NULL
Jonathan Nieder
t0004 (unwritable files): simplify error handling
Michael J Gruber
rev-list-options: clarify --parents and --children
Junio C Hamano
MinGW: avoid collisions between "tags" and "TAGS"
Matthieu Moy
diff: trivial fix for --output file error message
Michael J Gruber
user-manual: fix anchor name Finding-comments-With-given-Content
Kirill Smelkov
user-manual: be consistent in illustrations to 'git rebase'
Jon Seymour
stash: simplify parsing fixes
Junio C Hamano
Jon Seymour
stash: fix git stash branch regression when branch creation fails
Tomas Carnecky
stash drops the stash even if creating the branch fails because it already exists
Linus Torvalds
Fix missing 'does' in man-page for 'git checkout'
Pat Notz
dir.c: squelch false uninitialized memory warning
Brandon Casey
git-send-email.perl: ensure $domain is defined before using it
Brandon Casey
wt-status.c: don't leak directory entries when processing untracked,ignored
Christian Couder
t6050 (replace): fix bogus "fetch branch with replacement" test
Wesley J. Landaker
Documentation: Refer to git-commit-tree in git-filter-branch help
Matthieu Moy
update comment and documentation for :/foo syntax
Daniel Knittl-Frank
Improvements to `git checkout -h`
Michael J Gruber
contrib/completion: --no-index option to git diff
Jeff King
prefer test -h over test -L in shell scripts
Junio C Hamano
CodingGuidelines: spell Arithmetic Expansion with $(($var))
Ramsay Jones
t1503: Fix arithmetic expansion syntax error when using dash
Michael J Gruber
remote-helpers: build in platform independent directory
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