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Bump version to 0.3

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 Download the tarball and run "make install" to copy the binary and the man page into the correct target directories:
-    $> curl -OL
-    $> tar xfz spy-osx-x86_64-v0.2.tar.gz
+    $> curl -OL
+    $> tar xfz spy-osx-x86_64-v0.3.tar.gz
     $> cd spy
     $> make install
 name:               spy
-version:            0.2
+version:            0.3
 license:            BSD3
 license-file:       LICENSE
 author:             Stefan Saasen
 import Spy.Watcher
 version :: String
-version = "spy v0.2, (C) Stefan Saasen"
+version = "spy v0.3, (C) Stefan Saasen"
 recurseOpts x = x &= help "Watch the directory recursively (true, default) not only the top level (false)" &= typ "BOOL"