1. Stefan Saasen
  2. spy


spy / spy.cabal

name:               spy
version:            0.3
license:            BSD3
license-file:       LICENSE
author:             Stefan Saasen
maintainer:         stefan@saasen.me
synopsis:           A compact file system watcher for Mac OS X
category:           Apple, Development
description:        Spy can be used to watch for file changes and to either report the modified files or run a command if files change. It can be used to trigger compilation, to run tests or start a deployment.
homepage:           https://bitbucket.org/ssaasen/spy
bug-reports:        https://bitbucket.org/ssaasen/spy/issues
cabal-version:      >= 1.8
build-type:         Simple
extra-source-files: README.md

source-repository   head
  type:             git
  location:         git@bitbucket.org:ssaasen/spy.git

flag                small_base
  description:      Choose the new, split-up base package.

executable  spy
  main-is:          Main.hs
  other-modules:    Spy.Watcher
                    base < 5 && >= 3,
                    hfsevents >= 0.1.3,
                    cmdargs >= 0.10,
                    filepath >= 1.3,
                    filemanip >=,
                    process >= 1.1,
                    json >= 0.7