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                                 in map (protocolStats formatLogDate) groups
 protocolStats :: (LogDate -> String) -> [LogLine] -> ProtocolStats
-protocolStats formatLogDate logLines = foldl' aggregate (ProtocolStats "" 0 0) logLines
+protocolStats formatLogDate = foldl' aggregate (ProtocolStats "" 0 0)
                         where aggregate (ProtocolStats date ssh http) logLine =
                                     let !ssh'   = if isSsh logLine then ssh + 1 else ssh
                                         !http'  = if isHttp logLine then http + 1 else http


 -- http: "GET /scm/CONF/confluence.git/info/refs HTTP/1.1"
 -- ssh: git-upload-pack '/CONF/teamcal.git'
 parseAction :: Parser Action
-parseAction = do choice [parseSshAction, parseHttpAction]
+parseAction = choice [parseSshAction, parseHttpAction]
 parseSshAction :: Parser Action
 parseSshAction = do
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