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Add a clone duration distribution graph

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File gnuplot/generate-git-durations.plot

 set format x "%d/%m\n%H:%M"
 set timefmt "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"
-set output "git-clone-duration.png"
 # ===================================================================================
+set output "git-clone-duration.png"
 set title "Duration of git operations"
 set multiplot layout 3, 1 title
         "clone-duration"        using 1:($9/1000)                      with lines title "Push (cache miss)"
+unset multiplot
+set output "git-clone-duration-distribution.png"
+set title "Distribution of git clone operations"
+plot    "clone-duration"        using 1:(($2+$3)/1000)                      with points pointtype 6 title "Clone",\
+        "clone-duration"        using 1:(($6+$7)/1000)                      with points pointtype 6 title "Shallow Clone"