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Add Rakefile, remove (use 'rake rebuild' instead)

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File logparser/Rakefile

+desc "Clean build artifacts"
+task :clean do
+  `cabal clean`
+desc "Create the logparser binary"
+task :build => :clean do
+  %w(configure build).each do |cmd|
+    `cabal #{cmd}`
+  end
+  `strip #{ARTIFACT}`
+desc "Build and package the logparser"
+task :package => :build do
+  `tar zfc logparser.tar.gz LICENSE NOTICE -C.. -Clogparser/dist/build/logparser logparser`
+desc "Rebuild and copy the logparser into the cabal bin directory"
+task :rebuild => :build do
+  `cabal copy`

File logparser/

-set -x
-set -e
-cabal clean
-cabal configure
-cabal build
-cabal copy